Mirror mirror on the wall Tell me it’s time for the ball Or is it the mall? Well, maybe I’m having a ball Or maybe it’s just a mental… Weary in this enslavement Thought it’s was an oversight But what has it made me? A sailor maybe Or a wager? Well, I don’t even know … More 016: SHANGHAIED


To be a better person; to be better human than I was yesterday; to be better in my mind, body and soul – that’s my goal; always has been. Everything I do or strive to do makes me better. It’s easy write down this comparative but being it is much harder. It means pushing myself … More 014: #LIMITLESS

013: THE WHITE HAT – At what price?

It has all been about survival. Survive school, survive work, survive relationships, survive everything because the world is not your oyster; because the world is not at your feet? And what have we created through this survival? A humanity that will do anything to survive; a humanity that will hurt each other in the name of survival. What have we done? … More 013: THE WHITE HAT – At what price?