It says ‘come to me’ It gives the idea of comfort It makes my heart melt With the thought of having a little taste Of its generous offerings ‘I am harmless’, so it says It gives the idea of security It makes my adrenaline settle With the thought of not having to worry While I … More 036: HARMONY


I heard a little bird singing the other day. I think she was quite happy with her little nest or maybe she was just really happy that finally the heat was gone and the sky was getting a little more cover. Or maybe she was just happy that she was alive and able to bless … More 025: MAY LESSONS.


Mirror mirror on the wall Tell me it’s time for the ball Or is it the mall? Well, maybe I’m having a ball Or maybe it’s just a mental… Weary in this enslavement Thought it’s was an oversight But what has it made me? A sailor maybe Or a wager? Well, I don’t even know … More 016: SHANGHAIED

013: THE WHITE HAT – At what price?

It has all been about survival. Survive school, survive work, survive relationships, survive everything because the world is not your oyster; because the world is not at your feet? And what have we created through this survival? A humanity that will do anything to survive; a humanity that will hurt each other in the name of survival. What have we done? … More 013: THE WHITE HAT – At what price?

010: SOCIAL FOR GOOD – Introspective thoughts.

Conversations about social media have been going round and at some point they have been romanticized. We may all want to seem up to date about what people are talking about, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I believe that talk without action is kaput. A few days ago I joined the #SocialForGood Live-Athon … More 010: SOCIAL FOR GOOD – Introspective thoughts.